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What should I wear?

Come as you are, but we recommend wearing closed toe shoes.


Is there an age limit? 

At The Ratchet Hatchet, we do not discriminate against anyone. Obviously, you'll want to use a little good sense when letting the baby throw. Other than that, if they can comfortably hold an axe over their head, then they can give it a shot.

Can I book a lane for one then pay the remaining when we get there? 

Absolutely! Just book the lane for one person now to hold the lane. We can divvy up the bill when all your guests check in.

Will someone give us a tutorial before we start?

Yes, we will have someone to go over the finer points of ax throwing and our facility rules. Feel free to axe us anything anytime. 



Can we bring our own hatchets?

If you absolutely want to bring "Lucille" your prized ax, you're more than welcome. We just need to inspect it before you're allowed to use it. 



Can we bring our own food and drink?

You may bring your own food and drinks. Just remember, nobody likes a greasy hatchet and we do have a 10$ cover for coolers.

Are pets allowed?

   You may bring your puppies but be mindful of people and loud noises, and please clean up after them.

Can we get an early reservation?

We can absolutely open early for any large groups, but we do ask for a deposit beforehand.

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